EBU Corp. Lets Tom Stomp to MIPCOM

Godzilla may be king in Tokyo, but another dinosaur has his sights set on Cannes. EBU Corp. (European Broadcasting Union) is bringing its new 2D animated series Tom to MIPCOM, beginning Oct. 10. The series chronicling the adventures of a loveable prehistoric beast and his young human pals is a European co-production of EBU, Cromosoma and Norma Editorial, co-financed by EBU members BBC, France 2, France 3, ORF, RAI, RTBF, TSR, TSI, TVE, VRT and ZDF.

The property is based on illustrator Daniel Torres’ storybook Tom, commonly referred to as Tom in New York, published in Spain by Norma Editorial in 1995 and in the U.S. and by Viking in 1996. Tom in Los Angeles followed in 1999. The TV series has been in the works for the past three years and is ready for a 2004 debut.

In conjunction with the TV show, the co-producers plan to release a series of 52 minute and a half-long webisodes and picture books aimed at youngsters 4-9. Cromosoma is producing the web series for free download at web sites owned by broadcasters carrying the show. Norma Editorial will be presenting the first books to international publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

Production on Tom is overseen by exec. producers Theresa Plummer-Andrews of The BBC, Dagmar Ungureit of ZDF and Babette Vimenet of France 3.

The Geneva-based European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the largest professional association of national broadcasters in the world. It serves 71 active members in 52 countries of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and 46 associate members in 29 countries around the globe.