Drawn Together’s Second Season a Reality

Daily Variety reports that Comedy Central has ordered a second season of Drawn Together, the half-hour farcical comedy promoted as the first-ever animated reality show. The network is apparently happy with ratings for the three episodes it has aired so far and has sent 15 more installments into production at Rough Draft Studios.

Created by exec producers Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser, Drawn Together spoofs such reality shows as The Real World, Big Brother and The Surreal Life. Seven thinly veiled representations of popular cartoon characters from various genres have been thrown together in one swanky house to see how they get along.

Where a lot of new shows score high ratings out of the gate due to curiosity, the momentum for Drawn Together seems to be building. This week’s episode did slightly better than the first two, drawing a reported 2.4 million viewers. The strong South Park lead-in is certainly a contributing factor, but that alone couldn’t save last year’s effort, Kid Notorious, starring Robert Evans.

Among the new Drawn Together installments going into production is the obligatory reality show reunion episode, scheduled to air late next year.