DQ and Moonscoop Make Magical Plans for Tara Duncan

India’s DQ Entertainment and French studio Moonscoop announced today that they have partnered to produce a new 2D animated series titled Tara Duncan, which will have an estimated budget of 6.4 million euros and will begin production in June. M6 and Disney are the show’s broadcast partners.

Tara Duncan is based on a the best-selling book by Sophie Audouin-Mamikornian about a young girl who discovers that she has special powers’and can find fates as a sortceliere. Described as ‘Harry Potter’s little French sister,’ Tara Duncan‘s special mix of adventure, humor and magic, should lend itself quite well to animation.

The partnership between DQE and Moonscoop began a few years ago with the production of Casper’s Scare School and continued with The Fantastic Four, ToddWorld and the upcoming American Greetings series Twisted Whiskers.

‘The functionality of our partnership with Moonscoop has been proven once again,’ notes Tapaas Chakravarti, chairman and CEO of Hyderabad-based DQE Group. ‘Together we will produce world-class animation for television productions as well as feature films. We are also jointly exploring producing Indian content in live action as well as animation to further extend our relationship with Moonscoop.’

‘This deal is in logical progression of our ongoing relationship with DQE,’ adds Nicolas Atlan, CEO of Moonscoop. ‘We have successfully collaborated on Casper and the Fantastic Four TV series. We hope that Tara Duncan will be yet another successful partnership. Each of our companies brings something unique to this agreement which we think will ultimately benefit not only our companies, but our broadcast and licensing partners, as well.’