DPS Film Roman Gets Cracked

Look out, Mad TV. Animation company DPS Film Roman is teaming up with Mad Magazine rival Cracked Magazine to produce TV and DVD projects featuring bits and characters from the publication’s 45-year history. DPS Film Roman is also licensing the property for T-shirts, novelties and possibly a game.

Cracked was brought to DPS Film Roman senior VP/head of development and programming Sidney Clifton by Dick Kulpa and Evelyn AR Gabai, who will develop projects with Clifton. Sr. VP business operations Scott Greenberg negotiated the deal with Kulpa/Gabai rep Kelly Calder at Natural Talent.

Cracked Magazine, launched in 1958, spoofs pop-culture with biting, comedic commentary on current events, movies, television and celebrities. In addition to mascot Sylvester P. Smythe, Cracked characters include Naked Guy, busty entertainment reporter Nanny Dickering and Mr. Precious, a cat that finds a way to use up one of its 9 lives at the end of each issue. Cracked can be found online at www.crackedmag.com.

DPS Film Roman, which took on the DPS when IDT Media recently purchased a controlling stake, is the independent animation company behind the hit primetime Fox shows The Simpsons and King of The Hill, as well as Showtime’s Free For All. The company also produces Saturday morning and syndicated kids programs such as X-Men: Evolution, and has teamed with Canadian studio CineGroupe to co-produce the 3D series Tripping the Rift, which is scheduled to premiere on the SciFi Channel on March 4.