Disney XD Goes Live in U.K. Aug. 31

Disney XD, the boy-focused rebranding of the company’s Jetix channel, will go live Aug. 31 in the United Kingdom.

The channel will launch with an airing of the live-action series Aaron Stone. The channel also will air the animated series Phineas and Ferb, Iron Man: Armored Adventures and Pokemon DP: Battle Dimension, as well as movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the animated Meet the Robinsons.

‘Boys, like girls, place incredibly high standards on their entertainment choices. They demand complex, multi-faceted characters that, while not perfect, are smart, selfless, determined and brave. Disney XD will deliver those kinds of characters and stories in a wide range of formats ‘ animation, live action, movies and sports and it will focus on the core value of accomplishment,’ says Boel Ferguson, general manager for Disney Channels UK & Ireland.