Dick Tracy Back on TV Beat?

Former Warner Bros. president Lorenzo di Bonaventura has joined forces with Bobby Newmyer and Scott Strauss of Outlaw Prods. to bring classic comic-book gumshoe Dick Tracy back to television with a modern, live-action interpretation. Rights to the property have been secured from Tribune Media Services, a division of Tribune Co., and a writer should be attached sometime during the next month. The producers hope to pitch the series to networks this summer.

Dick Tracy was created by Chester Gould in 1937. The popular comics were first adapted for a live-action series that aired on ABC from 1950-1952, followed by the UPA animated series (The Dick Tracy Show) from 1961-1964. In 1990, Disney released Dick Tracy on the big-screen, but failed to establish a tentpole despite the star power of Warren Beatty, Madonna and Al Pacino.

Outlaw’s recent credits include, Warner Bros.’ Training Day, Dimension’s Mindhunters and the now-shooting Phat Girlz. The production company is prepping Hanssen for Universal, The Santa Clause III for Disney and The Lost Boys of Sudan for Paramount.

At Warner Bros., di Bonaventura managed such franchises as The Matrix, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo and Batman. His recent credits include Warner Bros.’ Constantine and Universal’s upcoming video-game adaptation, DOOM, and he is currently developing Transformers for DreamWorks and Paramount, and a G.I. Joe feature.