Destiny Images, TVS Make Distribution News

The Television Syndication Company (TVS) has signed on to handle international distribution of Destiny Images’ animated series, News You Can Use. The deal covers all forms of television, inflight entertainment, home video and non-theatrical (educational) outlets.

News You Can Use, available in both English and Spanish, entertains and educates kids 5-8 on math and science concepts. The 52 x 1-minute episodes are being produced by Destiny Images Inc. (, in cooperation with NASA Langley’s Center for Distance Learning as part of NASA’s Kids Science News Network.

The show revolves around singing newscaster skunk Ted Tunes, Barkley the dog and a talking computer. When Ted reports Barkley’s confused notions, such as running west at sunset will make his birthday last longer, the computer acts as the voice of reason so Ted, Barkley and the viewers get the facts behind each math and science concept.

Destiny Images is seeking publishing and licensing partners for News You Can Use. Clips can be viewed on NASA’s Kids Science News Network web site,