Cuppa Coffee Ready to Serve Flash Brew

Cuppa Coffee owner and exec producer Adam Shaheen announced recently that his Toronto toon shop is aggressively pursuing Flash-based series. Shaheen announced that he has set aside considerable resources to tackle Flash-animated TV series and commercials, in addition to the studio’s 35 stop-motion studios.

"We’ve built quite a reputation for our stop-motion work, and indeed we are arguably the largest stop-motion provider in the world," explains Shaheen. "Now we intend to use a similar business model to raise our Flash-based endeavors to that same level. Stop-Motion has enjoyed a real renaissance over the past few years. We are currently involved with three stop-motion series and will continue to see that part of the business grow. What we aim to do is apply the same principles to our Flash Studio. There’s a certain level of detail inherent in our work, no matter what style we choose, and that will never change."

Cuppa Coffee recently had a Flash animation hit with Bruno, an interstitial preschool series airing internationally in more than 70 countries on Nickelodeon. Now, based on requests from broadcasters and children, Bruno is being developed as a longer-format series. Other successful forays into Flash include Tigga and Togga, a preschool pilot that has been very well received, as well as an animated episode of CBC’s hit show, The Newsroom. For more information, go to