Cuppa Coffee Goes Bananas for Bruno

Cuppa Coffee is set to begin production on Bruno and the Banana Bunch, a new television series based on its Bruno interstitials, which air in more than 70 countries. The expanded format will launch at the upcoming MIPTV market in April.

“It became evident from the moment that we launched the interstitial series that there was going to be big excitement as requests for a full series came pouring in,” says Cuppa Coffee president Adam Shaheen. "Expanding the format is a natural choice, and provides the perfect opportunity to introduce a relatable, live-action element where real kids interact with Bruno.”

Shaheen developed Bruno and the Banana Bunch with longtime Cuppa Coffee creatives Warren Brown and Brendan Russell.

In related news, Julie Fox of AWOL Animation has been brought on to represent Cuppa Coffee’s proprietary work, allowing Shaheen to move back into a more creative role at the studio. Shaheen will continue to oversee all production as exec producer, further cementing Lalitha Poonasamy’s role as general manager.