Culinary Corps. Cook Up Gaspergoo

Copia, a $55 million Napa, Calif.-based culinary organization, has teamed up with housewares giant Meyer Corp. and kitchen appliances provider Purcell Murray to launch Gaspergoo, a new family entertainment property. Slated for launch in 2005, Gaspergoo will encompass a half-hour live-action/animated TV and home video series, licensed consumer products, publishing and food lines, cooking schools and a themed restaurant franchise.

The Gaspergoo television and DVD series is aimed at kids 5-9 and follows the zany antics of two brothers who, armed with their passion for food and Grandma’s special recipes, create a kids cooking phenomenon. The show is designed to inspire children and their families to cook and eat nutritious meals together. In addition to a mix of live action and animation, it will feature playful music, entertaining stories and multiple levels of education.

The property s owned by Zoup-ah!, a filmed entertainment and lifestyle brand company whose CEO, Erik Stangvik, co-created the series with company co-founder Jeanne Smith. Zoup-ah! is now in negotiations with broadcasters and distributors.

Title sponsor Copia–supported by trustees such as Robert Mondavi, the late Julia Child, Eleanor Coppola and Alice Waters–is committed to the Gaspergoo launch through its access to capital, additional sponsors and licensees. The second largest manufacturer and distributor of cookware in the world, Meyer Corp. (KitchenAid, Circulon, Silverstone), will hold the master license for housewares worldwide. Purcell Murray will sponsor the cooking elements on the TV soundstage. Zoup-ah! is in discussions with other licensees in a variety of categories, including toys, interactive, food, apparel, home furnishings and publishing.