Cromosoma’s Triplets Discover Don Quixote

Spanish toon house Cromosoma announced this week that its hit animated series The Triplets will be part of the celebration of the 4th centenary of Don Quixote with a 75-minute TV special. Co-produced by Cromosoma and Televisio de Catalunya (TVC), this 2D project will center on the adventures of the three girls as they are sent into the world of the famous masterpiece by Spanish writer Cervantes. Along the way, they meet many of the well-known characters from the book and help solve a mysterious puzzle.

In conjunction with the special, the producers of the show have also invited kids to send their favorite fairy tales, legends or other writings to the Triplet’s web page ( for a year-end compilation.

In other Triplets news, Disney Channel Spain has pre-acquired The Triplet Babies, the newest spin-off of the series, which was presented at the last edition of the Cartoon Forum in Galicia. The show, which is produced with Concerto, a Toon Boom software that creates a paperless environment, will be ready to air by the end of the year. The Triplet Babies targets a younger audience than the original toon and features the girls at an earlier stage in their lives.