Cramp Twins Travel to Super RTL, Fox Kids Germany

TV-Loonland has sold its hit animated series, The Cramp Twins, to top broadcasters in Germany. Super RTL has picked up the second season (26×11), while pay-TV provider Fox Kids Germany has committed to both the first and second seasons (52×11).

Super RTL, which recently began airing the TV-Loonland production, Ned’s Newt, plans to launch the second season of Cramp Twins in spring 2005. The show will fist debut on Fox Kids starting in January 2005, when it joins the new Jetix programming block.

The Cramp Twins is based on the comic book series by Brian Wood, published by the Bloomsbury Press in the U.K. Produced in cooperation with the BBC and Cartoon Network U.K., the series follows the adventures of Wayne and Lucien, 10-year-old twins who are complete opposites. The show debuted in September 2001 and became one of the U.K.’s top-rated cartoons. In addition to the sales in Germany, the series has this year sold to broadcasters in Austria, Switzerland, the U.K., France and Spain, as well as Asia and the Americas.