Cosgrove Hall Unveils Diverse MIP Lineup

Manchester, England-based animation house Cosgrove Hall announced its offerings for this year’s MIPCOM. The company will head to Cannes next month with Chapman Ent.’s new animated series, Fifi and the Flowertots, and Entertainment Right’s Postman Pat, as well as a full roster of properties in development.

Among the series in development at Cosgrove Hall are Octopus and Worm, a 26×5 Flash-animated show for preschoolers about two friends who live in a little pool by the side of the "silly sea." They don’t know much about anything, but they ask a lot of questions and learn a lot in the process.

Carrotty Kid is a 26×11 2D "kung-food "comedy for kids 6—11. The high-energy, action-packed series promises to explore what happens when good food goes bad.

The 26×3 CG family show, Blue Dog Blues, has a dog tormented by the plastic Elizabethian collar that is supposed to protect him but only keeps him from getting a hold of his favorite snack. Cosgrove Hall calls it "a simple tale of a blue dog, a plastic cone and a biscuit."

The Mystics (26 x 22) combines hand-drawn 2D animation and CG to follow the action-packed adventures of two Mystics and a young boy who fight the dark forces. The show is targeted at kids 7—11.

Wobbly Horse rounds out the in-house development slate. This 26×7 CG series for preschoolers tells the tale of Wobbly, a little wooden horse who has only just learned how to get around on his four wobbly legs. Each day he leaves his mother’s side and sets out to find new and exciting things to do.

Projects in development for clients include Shelltown (26×10), a CG toon about young eggs for kids 6—8, and The Slums(26×10), a 2D Flash show for viewers 15—25 that relates the trials and tribulation of five friends living in a multi-cultural metropolis.