Cookie Jar Debuts Metajets, Noonbory, Santa at MIPCOM

Cookie Jar Ent. is headed to MIPCOM 2008 with three new toon projects to be screened for global broadcasters. In addition to such established favorites from the newly acquired DIC library (Horseland, Sushi Pack, Dino Squad, Strawberry Shortcake), the company will offer the original animated adventure series Metajets and Noonbory & the Super 7, and a holiday special titled Gotta Catch Santa Claus, which features William Shatner as the voice of Santa.

Metajets is a series for boys that takes place in a world where aviation is paramount, and young flying aces compete on the Aeronautical Racing Circuit while secretly waging a high stakes battles for air supremacy. Featuring a mix of 2D and CG animation, the series of 40 half-hour episodes is co-produced by Cookie Jar and Sunwoo. The show is scheduled to begin airing on Canada’s TELETOON in 2009.

Noonbory & the Super 7 is co-produced by Cookie Jar and Daewon Media. The series is set in the enchanting, Technicolor world of Toobalooba, where a group of small, energetic creatures called Borys use their heightened senses, imagination and teamwork to solve everyday problems. Led by Noonbory, the Borys each possesses a very important and sensational skill that allows them to save the day when trouble comes to Toobalooba. BBC Kids, Knowledge, Access Television and SCN in Canada are on board to broadcast 26 half-hour episodes.

Gotta Catch Santa Claus is the story of 12-year-old Trevor, who believes in his heart of hearts that Santa Claus exists and wants to prove it to his friends and the media by actually capturing the jolly gift-giver. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one out to catch Santa. A cold-hearted, dim-witted ice monster aims to get off his icy comet orbiting Earth and exact revenge on his bearded nemesis from the North Pole. The CG-animated special co-produced by Cookie Jar and Enemes will air on TELETOON in Canada this winter.

Cookie Jar will also offer international buyers new episodes of Horseland (13X30), Sushi Pack (13X30), Dino Squad (26X30) and the Richard Scarry-inspired Hurray For Huckle! (26X30). Preschool favorite Strawberry Shortcake will also be featured at the company’s booth.