Comet and Toonzip Hire Alien Babysitters

Korean studio Toonzip has teamed up with Toronto-based Comet Entertainment to produce a new animated series titled Dodopam: Alien Babysitters. The 52 X 13 animated series follows the adventures of five aliens who find themselves in modern-day Manhattan and have to take care of human babies until they can return to their planet.

‘This is a great opportunity for us to work with Toonzip to create a cutting-edge project that will not only be entertaining, but will also teach children about the importance of spreading joy and harmony in this world,’ says Raquel Benitez, Comet’s CEO. ‘We’re looking forward to delivering this great CG-animated HD series that keep the whole family hooked on the aliens’ adventures.’

Comet’s recent projects include the 2009 animated feature Around the World For Free, the adult toon series Limo Guy and the anthology package, Fantastic Tales. Toonzip also introduced the new CG-animated children’s series Robot Arpo, co-produced with Malyasian studio Centraline at the recent MIPCOM market in France.