Comet and Dachefa Build Animated CoolCity

Toronto-based toon house Comet Entertainment is taking a trip to an animated hipster paradise known as CoolCity. Joining forces with Spain’s Dachefa Audiovisuales, the company will be presenting the pilot of the new show at MIPTV in April.

‘We are extremely excited to offer CoolCity to the worldwide broadcasters,’ says Comet Entertainment’s CEO Raquel Benitz. ‘With its spunky characters, engaging and funny story-lines and fantastic animated look, ‘Coolcity’ is sure to be a hit with broadcasters and adults animation fans alike.’

Described as an animated sitcom packed with adult humor and black comedy, the show follows the adventures of the denizens of a place where celebrities mingle with talent scouts, producers, agents, extra-terrestrials and kung fu masters. Digital cut-out techniques are incorporated in the look of the show. There are also plans to launch a virtual community on the Internet where web browsers can use the designs and characters to develop their own storylines and characters.

Among the show’s wacky characters are Theo the Bear, a former-child star-turned-intellectual cynic and Ramon the Bull, a mindless actor wannabe in search of fame and fortune. (Hmmm, it all sounds a lot like Los Angeles, doesn’t it!)?

‘We’ve put a lot love and a lot of dreams into offering a really original, really different product to broadcasters. We’re full of energy, full of ideas and we’re not afraid to use them!’ adds Chedey Reyes, Canary Islands-based Dachefa’s president. ‘The world is full of people who share our wicked sense of humor and they are going to have as good a time watching CoolCity as we have had making it’.

Comet Entertainment is the producer of animated TV shows such as Tinguaro, The Sun Lizards, the exclusive representative of The Adventures of Neve & Gliz (Toon briefs starring this year’s Winter Olympics mascots) and distributor of Medusa’s features Aida degli Alberi and Toto Sapore among others. Comet is also co-producing the U.S. theatrical release Running Wild and the Spanish homevid project Santa Vs. Claus, as well as a Spanish series called Sculpture Club. For more info about the company, visit