CN Peeks ‘Ben 10,’ ‘Regular Show’ at Comic-Con


Thursday night, Cartoon Network kicked off its San Diego Comic-Con festivities in style with a Costume Ball and Screening extravaganza. As part of the festivities, the network presented the world premiere of the new Ben 10 animated action series, as well as a peek at an upcoming episode of Emmy-winning comedy toon Regular Show.

The reinvigorated Ben 10 will begin rolling out this fall, beginning in Europe and Asia before coming to North America and Latin America in 2017. Building on Cartoon Network’s biggest international franchise, the new show follows 10-year-old Ben and his larger-than-life alien transformations, sure to inspire fans of all ages to want to want to discover their inner hero.

J.G. Quintel’s fan-favorite Regular Show is returning to Cartoon Network for an eighth season this year, with all new oddball adventures surrounding Mordecai, Rigby and their long-suffering coworkers and friends. CCI attendees got to see a clip from upcoming episode “One Space Day at a Time,” which finds the gang in space and desperate to hold it together until they can return home.

Ben 10

Ben 10

  • sirmichaelvalentine

    so this version is a mix between, Regular Show and teen titans go…… no thanks
    when will they realize turning a great toon series into one for little teeny boppers is just gonna kill all their fans

    • Sandra

      Well since they are ending the show it won’t be like that for long.

  • Faheem Ahmed

    oh F*** i hate this ben10… sucks…there is no overreaching story.,..nothing grim all just funny and just sucks….

    • christopher nolan

      I know, right? They should make it really dark and depressing. Like Dark Knight dark. And all the characters should be pessimistic and probably sleep with each other too. Should be a few deaths a season. Really grim and gritty. That’s what people want. Especially this shows target audience of kids.