Charlie Sheen Fans Vandalize MacFarlane’s House


Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s Beverly Hills house was vandalized by a group of Charlie Sheen supporters, TMZ reports. According to the website, two unidentified boys and one girl T.P.’d the popular animation creator’s home around 11 p.m. on Monday night (Nov. 28) and left a sign on his front door reading “Winning! Tiger Blood!” with Stewie’s (Family Guy’s baby character) images on it.

The poster also references MacFarlane’s recent Comedy Central roast of Charlie Sheen. The always cool and collected animation producer tweeted about the incident, “ Actually I got in a brawl with a mummy. I won.”

Charlie Sheen Fans Vandalize MacFarlane’s House

Charlie Sheen Fans Vandalize MacFarlane’s House

  • eddievertigo

    Stupid kids… it’s called a ROAST! You roast people, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! I think these kids just wanted an excuse to reach out and interact with one of their idols, even if it was just to TP their house.

  • Gyrosplater



  • poopy mcsnick

    I farted

  • Allen Kahn

    Quit fucking with this guy !!!! I consider him a very giving caring person who makes us laugh when we need it. He will be around us for many many years to come. So what he he picks on a few people like rush, bushy baby, republicans for there inability to bring this country forward. He supports our democrats that don’t rob and steal this country blind!!!! Seth you make my families day. I hope this talent will remind us to live and laugh. We are on your side!!!!