Channelzero Gets Fupduck at NATPE

Channelzero, creator of late night animated properties for mature audiences, will take its “fowl” new comedy, The Fupduck Show, to NATPE 2003 in New Orleans.

Described by series creator and producer Dave Warren as “Popeye meets The Sopranos,” The Fupduck Show is set in the seedy subculture of a topless cabaret where barfly Fup pays down his tab by doing odd jobs for Big John, owner of The Bada Boom Room. Fup also happens to be madly in love with the beautiful La Shea, Big John’s girl. Further complicating matters is beefy bartender Marty, who also has eyes for La Shea and deep hatred for Fup.

Channelzero will also be screening a new animated music video for its much hyped, racy upcoming series SoSophie, which was recently introduced at MIPCOM.