Cartoon Net Offers Classic Looney Terrors

Cartoon Network busts out some animated Halloween classics tonight as it continues its month-long Shocktober programming spree. Bugs, Porky, Sylvester, Tweety and other luminaries from the Looney Tunes gang scare up monsterous laughs in six frightfully funny favorites airing from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

First is Hair-Raising Hare, in which an evil scientist lures Bugs Bunny into his castle to be food for his monster. The giant, orange mass of hair in sneakers stalks our hero through the castle but Bugs has a few tricks and treats up his sleeve.

In Hyde & Tweet, Sylvester the cat is in for a big surprise when his intended meal, Tweety, transforms into a ferocious monster and turns the tables.

Bugs is back in Broomstick Bunny, which has him donning a witch costume and challenging Witch Hazel’s claim of being the ugliest. When she finds out he’s a rabbit, she sets out to prepare a very special witch’s brew.

Mystery has a curly tail in Case of the Stuttering Pig starring Porky Pig. The short tells the tale of a sneaky lawyer who turns into a maniacal monster in his plot to get rid of his client’s nieces and nephews.

Finally, Bugs takes a wrong turn and winds up in the land of Count Bloodcount in "Transylvania 6-500" and Sylvester gets hold of a secret formula that helps him fend off a pair of mad dogs in Dr. Jerkyll’s Hide.