CAKE, Sticky Cook up Herb and Ray’s Yum


CAKE Entertainment and Sydney-based Sticky Pictures are set to co-produce a new animated comedy series for tweens titled Herb and Ray’s Yum.

The series will consist of 52 12-minute episodes and stars a duo that hosts a wild cooking show on the web, despite their lack of cooking knowledge.

Herb and Ray’s Yum,/i> is designed and created by award-winning director Pete Candeland and the award-winning writer, editor and creator of animation and games, Stu Connolly.

Candeland is the Annecy-winning director behind The Beatles: Rock Band cinematic and known for his work on the Gorillaz animated band music videos. Connolly co-created, wrote and edited and Dukes of Broxstonia.

Herb & Ray’s Yum has been developed with the assistance of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.