Bush Bashing Banned On British TV

The Associated Press reports that an animated TV ad for the British comedy series 2DTV has been banned by The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Center because it makes fun of President Bush. The spot reportedly depicts the leader of the free world trying to insert a DVD into a toaster.

The British advertising watchdog ruled that 2DTV‘s producers had to get the president’s blessing before they could air the ad promoting a home video release of highlights from the show, which uses animation to satirize celebrities and politicians.

It is ironic that South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were allowed to regularly spoof the president on U.S television with ads for their short-lived Comedy Central series That’s My Bush. One of the guidelines British advertisers must operate under dictates that living people cannot be caricatured or referred to in advertisements without their permission.

Also stopped at the gate was a 2DTV ad featuring an animated version of Manchester United soccer star David Beckham asking his Spice Girl wife, Victoria Beckham, how to spell “DVD.”