Buses, Bumper Cars Cruise to MIPTV

Among the many projects pulling into the MIPTV showroom are second season of tv4c’s animated pre-school show Busy Buses and FX Digital/DiFarm’s new 3D series Bumper King Zapper.

As the Busy Buses saga continues, Sammy gets a new play pal in a little yellow bus. The second slate of adventures has already been picked up by ABC in Australia and Living TV in the U.K. and will air later this year.

Korea and Los Angeles-based digital animation studio FX Digital/DiFarm introduces Bumper King Zapper, the futuristic story of a young boy who dreams of becoming the king of Bumper Cross, the remote control racing game that dominates pop culture society. With the help of his friend Javio, a phantom spirit and an amazing legendary bumper carthe two set out to seek victory in racing against new pilots and work together to defeat an evil man named Jamakan. The show is slated to broadcast on SBS Korea in September.

FX Digital’s other MIPTV offerings include the 3D animated features The Great War, a futuristic tale of man vs. cyborg, and Bremen, a fantastic musical journey initiated by a deaf girl’s dream to save a friend’s soul. The studio’s other series television projects on the block are CybeRacers, an extreme sports-fueled action show, and Kkhomzi, about the adventures of a small yellow teddy bear and his magical toys friends.