BRB’s Papawa Pops Up in Italy, Portugal

Watch out, Lost! BRB’s wild animated series Papawa, which is about a mysterious island and its nightmarish residents, is taking over Europe, one country at a time. We just got word that the show, produced by Screen 21 and Televisio de Catalunya in Catalonia, has been picked up by Mediaset in Italy and RTP in Portugal.

Aimed at six- to ten-year-olds, Papawa creates a very distinctive look, which is a clever blend of cut-out style and photographic textures. Like Fantasy Island, the series is set in a place where visitors can make their dreams come true. However, the islanders have the uncanny ability to turn any dream into the worst nightmare. Each of the island inhabitants has a special power and emits peculiar Papawian sounds in lieu of spoken language.

BRB Internacional, the innovative Spanish company behind such shows as The Imp, Bernard, Angus and Cheryl and the new Secret Life of Suckers will also be selling two different packages of the show (104 x 7 and 52 x 13) at MIPTV this year.

You can check out the show at