Bardel Zeroes in on Anton’s World

Are kids ready to peel their Christmas Orange all year round? That’s what the creative team at Vancouver-based animation studio Bardel Ent. are hoping as they get ready to shop a new 2D-animated property based on their award-winning special, The Christmas Orange.

Produced in conjunction with TV Ontario, Anton’s World takes young viewers 6-9 back to the world of the bright, inventive kid named Anton. Anton and his friend embark on hilarious adventures and learn valuable lessons through trial and error. Both the new series and The Christmas Orange special were inspired by the book The Christmas Orange by Don Gilmour, with illustrations by Marie-Louise Gay.

‘People loved the characters we created in The Christmas Orange and we’re very excited to develop more stories about Anton and all of the eclectic and diverse personalities in his neighborhood,’ says Cathy Schoch, Bardel’s VP of development.

In the past few years, Bardel produced the award-winning Silverwing series and the Dragons: Fire and Ice special, both of which are now available on DVD and VHS. For more information visit