Ba20 Goes Mad for Angry Pig

BA20 Ent., formed by Bionicle co-creator Alastair Swinnerton, has added RIP, a brash new cartoon series to its pen of properties. Created by acclaimed U.K. cyberpunk author Steve Aylett, RIP follows the exploits of The Angriest Pig in the World and his ineffectual roommate, Dartmoor the fish.

The off beat and fast-paced 78×7 Flash series takes place in a post-apocalyptic society where speaking animals combat savage dangers with volatile animosity and baffling unpredictability. In describing the series, Swinnerton says, “If Tex Avery had read Rip Off Comix and watched South Park, this is what he would have come up with. It’s the funniest, darkest, strangest thing I’ve seen in years, like Duckman meets Ren & Stimpy."

While RIP is aimed more squarely at the ever-growing adult animation television block audience, Swinnerton notes that it should also strike a chord with kids nine and up.

BA20 is currently putting deals together on Jack Frost, a Christmas special being produced by Stardust Pictures and exec produced by Joan Coates, and Terranoids, a 26×30 CG series created by the 2000AD team of John Wagner, Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy. They have also just become co-producer on Minding Albert, a live-action comedy drama for kids 8 and over, created and produced by Canada’s May Street Group.