Atomic Monsters Invade Cannes

Ever wonder what Godzilla did on his days off from stomping Tokyo? Cyberpunk author Steve Aylett taks a humorous look at the domestic lives of the world’s giant mutants with Atomic Monsters, a new cartoon series being brought to MIPCOM by newly formed Corsham Ent. Canada’s Context Pictures is designing and co-producing the show.

The 26×11 series geared to kids 6 and up takes place on Monster Island, where a gigantic Godzilla-like carnosaur named Nick is corralled with his fire-breathing Turtle girlfriend and other leviathans with names like Lardo, Inconveniath, Turbosnail and Bantermantis. Nick’s mission in life is to forge a meaningful peace with the humans on the mainland so he and his freakish friends can live like everybody else. Nick’s best friend is the ten-year-old son of Professor Klue, who heads the organization that watches over the colossal creatures.

Atomic Monsters appears to draw inspiration mostly from the Japanese giant monster movies but also incorporates elements reminiscent of the British classic Gorgo and various Harryhausen favorites.