Atomic Cartoons Bombs MIPCOM

Atomic Cartoons is heading back to MIPCOM this year to genrate some more radioactivity for its proprietary creation, Atomic Betty and a few new projects, Cryptids, Mutant Moments, Detective One and Carneys.

Atomic Betty, an animated series about a sweet 12-year-old Earth girl who lives a secret life as an intergalactic guardian, emerged as one of the top three most screened properties at MIP Jr. two years ago. Creator-driven Atomic Cartoons has since teamed up with Toronto-based Breakthrough Films and Television and French animation producers Tele Images on Betty. Pre-sales have been made to Canadian broadcaster TELETOON, French broadcasters M6 and Teletoon France, and British-based Cartoon Network U.K., with the series set to air summer 2004.

Cryptids, from Canadian comic book master and creator of Tutenstein and Jet Cat, Jay Stephens, is a tween action-adventure/comedy that features extinct and endangered creatures. With the help of a daring and kind-hearted human boy, the team of critters embarks on weekly missions to exotic locals saving fellow crypto-zoological beasties from the bad-guys.

Independent U.K. producer Luminous Pictures has entered into a three-way co-production deal with Paris-based TEVA and Atomic Cartoons for the new series Mutant Moments. Created by Alan Kerswell, the 26×13 series features tales of the bizarre, hosted by J. Arthur Friendsy. The Producers describe the series as a mix of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone for kids.

Detective One is a co-production with fellow Canadian studio Ndi Media and is Atomic Cartoons’ first serious foray into the action-adventure ring. The show will target the video game playing teen and young adult crowd with tales of a futuristic Earth inhabited humans and machines. Title character, Detective One, is a machine fighting against his own kind to save humanity and the human femme-fatale he secretly pines for but knows he can never have.

Carneys, geared to tweens, is a wild and wacky comedy about Carnival folk. The series revolves around Poe, a 12-year-old girl whose relatives sometimes seem other-wordly. She is always finding herself in awkward situations imposed by her family and their lifestyle, and she battles with alienation and acceptance.