Atlantyca, Imira and Inspidea Fly with ‘Bat Pat’


Italian studio Atlantyca, Spanish house Imira and Malyasia’s Inspidea are producing a new 52 x 11 minute series based on the best-selling children’s book series Bat Pat. The deal was jointly announced by Caterina Vacchi, Atlantyca’s exec producer and senior manager, Imira’s producer and head of distribution Christophe Goldberger and Inspidea’s managing director Andrew Ooi.

Bat Pat, The Creepy Sitcom follows the comical animated adventures of Bat Pat and his friends Martin, Leo and Rebecca Silver, the young supernatural investigators of Fogville. In each episode, Bat Pat and his friends set out to unravel the mysteries of their small town, which is a magnet for ghosts, mummies, witches, monsters and other supernatural creatures.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces around the globe with such accomplished producers of children’s programming as Imira and Inspidea to develop an innovative new animated series based on the hugely successful Bat Pat book series,” says Vacchi. “Bat Pat and his friends have engaged and entertained millions of young readers. We look forward to bringing all of their humor and adventure to the small screen for the worldwide audience.”

Bat Pat

Bat Pat

“It is a rich world full of great characters and stories, ready to jump to the small screen with a proven cross cultural track record,” adds Goldberger. “Bat Pat is funny, adventurous and dynamic with more than a twist of spooky charm. We believe it has huge international potential.”

Bat Pat

Bat Pat

“When we were first shown the books, we loved it!” notes Ooi. “Presented with the opportunity to work with Atlantyca and Imira on Bat Pat means that we will have a blast producing the show. Bat Pat may be small but he will make a big impact!”

  • Saltyhollywood

    Totally a rip off of 

  • Saltyhollywood

     Copy cats from Italy copied

  • Melissa Alexander Watkins

    Yeah, I’ve seen this before. His name is Kiko and he looks a lot cooler. 

  • Becky M

    It’s a great concept… too bad it’s not yours.

  • Cameron Smith

    Wow… blatant rip-off of “Kiko The Bat”.  Please tell me somebody is looking into this?!

  • chadmaag

    Blatant ripoff is blatant. Kiko did it better. Interesting how this hack started publishing his books in Europe shortly after Kiko was pitched in Europe. 

  • Cameron Smith

    RESPOND!!!!: this is a BLATANT rip-off of  Come on you dim-wits.  Do you have anything to say here?!

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    What a crappy ripoff of KIKO the Bat….just saying. KIKO’s better.