Aqua Teen Hunger Force Flirts with Live Action

What would Comic-Con be without the devoted animation fans who love dressing up as their favorite characters? The folks at Cartoon Network sent us a picture of four avid fans of Aqua Teen Hunger Force who showed up for a casting call for a Carl look-alike. We don’t know how we feel about [adult swim] planning the first live-action episode of ATHF, but we have to say, the resemblances are quite uncanny!

Adult Swim invited all Carl look-alikes to attend the casting call at Comic-Con. Carl is described as ‘a simple man who’s endearingly sweaty, hairy, lewd, fashion-challenged, horny, nasty and oftentimes annoying.’ Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator, Dave Willis, who is also the voice of Carl, was on site at the San Diego search.