Antefilms Acquires France Animation

Antefilms Production has acquired France Animation, previously a Wanadoo subsidiary, bringing together two libraries and 1,600 half-hours of programming. The two companies will retain their respective editorial policies and productions, while creating a new consolidated unit for independent animation.

France Animation, founded in 1984, developed and produces the hit animated TV and home video property Titeuf. The character has been licensed to MacDonald’s, Danone and Cadbury, and is also being marketed in Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Atari/Infogrames titles. The television series is now broadcast in 35 territories. Currently in production at France Animation are Little Vampire (adapted from Joann Sfarr’s comic books), Space Lunies and Dr. Dog (based on Babette Cole’s best-selling book.)

Antefilms Production also owns Antefilms Studio, its own 3D animation and motion capture studio located at the Pôle Images in Angoulême, France. The company currently produces the animated series Funky Cops, elected Best European Program of the Year at the 2003 Cartoons on the Bay in Positano, Italy. The show is seen in more than 100 countries, having been picked up by such broadcasters as M6, Fox Television (U.S.) and Fox Kids Europe. Other series in production include Code Lyoko, Pet Alien and Invisible Man.