Agogo Hong Kong Makes NATPE Debut

Steven Ching, CEO of Agogo Hong Kong, announced that the company will be exhibiting its new animated properties for distribution and pre-sale in booth #1640 at NATPE for the first time. Agogo’s shows include Cone Control (55 X 15" and 1 X 60"), Pet Pals (26 X 15"), Bouncymation (9 X 22") and Coco Bill (104 X 15).

Cone Control takes rubbernecking to a whole new level as it highlights the volatile relationship between cones and cars on the roads of "Conetown." Viewers can watch six wild and adventurous animals make an ambitious around-the-world trip from Australia to Venice in Pet Pals. Meanwhile, Agogo discourages the couch potato blues with Bouncymation, a fitness video for children with physical exercises set to the beat of catchy tunes. Coco Bill presents a Western parody of a highly original world based on the cartoon books of Italian author Jacovim.

Since its establishment in 1990 as Animation Services Hong Kong, Agogo has produced more than 1200 half-hours of television animation with more than 250 half-hours as co-production partners and more than 40 titles in its library. The corporation offers full production services, co-production partnerships, distribution, licensing and merchandising. Currently, its co-production with Antefilms of France, Code Lyoko, is running on the Cartoon Network in the U.S.