Adult Swim Adds Five for Fall

At today’s Upfront presentation in New York City, Cartoon Network lifted the veil on five new shows set to join the Adult Swim block in September and October of this year. It was also announced that new seasons of the hit late-night shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Venture Bros. have received the green light.

Previously announced additions include the TV adaptation of Aaron McGruder’s syndicated comic strip, The Boondocks, in which two streetwise, inner-city boys are sent to live in the suburbs with their grandfather. Coming in September with six episodes is Squidbillies, a new series from Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Dave Willis and The Brak Show co-creator Jim Fortier. The show involves a family of cephalopods stranded in the North Georgia mountains.

Cartoon Network will air Stroker & Hoop in September. The new Williams St. series from creators Casper Kelly and Jeff Olsen was introduced to viewers as a special in August of 2004 and will return with six new adventures for bumbling private eye John Stroker, his self-proclaimed master of disguise sidekick, Hoop, and his talking hatchback, CARR. An additional six installments will air in November.

From Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Matt Maiellaro comes 12oz Mouse, a show about a rodent who is fond of beer and finds himself caught up in a world of espionage and love. Six episodes have been ordered, with a premiere planned for September.

Perfect Hair Forever, also from Williams St., chronicles the adventures of a young, bald boy in a mystical land as he seeks perfect hair. Six episodes are in production for a September start.  

With Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy pulling in sold ratings, Cartoon Network will also air his new series, American Dad, which premieres on Fox on May 1. The show revolves around the family of patriotic CIA agent Stan Smith, who has opened his home to a genetically altered, German-speaking goldfish and an alien he rescued from Area 51. The show will make its Adult Swim debut in May as well.

There are also a few new pilots in development for the Adult Swim block. Set to air in October is Moral Orel, a stop-motion series from Dino Stamotopolis, who wrote for the cult favorites Mr. Show and TV Funhouse.

Also coming in October is Saul of the Mole People, about an American explorer who goes to the earth’s core and encounters a race of people who do not understand his ways. The show will feature live actors and costumed characters a la Land of the Lost and The Banana Splits. Series creator Craig Lewis has written for such Cartoon Network original series as Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Another pilot being loaded up is Lucy: Daughter of the Devil, a CG show about a young girl who moves to San Francisco with her father, Satan. Set to premiere in October, the show is created by Loren Bouchard, producer of Home Movies and Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist. Jon Benjamin, who provided the voice of Coach McGuirk on Home Movies, will star as the Devil.

Cartoon Network will also try out Minori-Team, which has superheroes from different minority groups join forces to fight against discrimination. Jewcano, Fasto, Dr. Wang, El Jeffe and Quickstop will use the power of racial stereotypes to right societal wrongs in this pilot, slated to air in October. Alex de la Pena, Todd Peters and Peter Gerardi created the concept.

Fans can also look forward to new seasons of Family Guy (June), Tom Goes to The Mayor (April 17) Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (July 24) and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (December).