9 Story Nabs Rights to ‘Get Ace’


Toronto-based 9 Story Enterprises — the distribution arm of 9 Story Entertainment — has acquired worldwide distribution rights (excluding Australia and New Zealand) to Aussie animated comedy series Get Ace (52 x 11). The show was created by Gian Christian and Dina McPherson, founders of production company Galaxy Pop, which produces Get Ace. The series recently premiered on Network Ten’s ELEVEN in Australia.

The series follows the comic misadventures of nerdy high school freshman Ace McDougal, who’s launched into one thrilling escapade after another when he is mistakenly fitted with high-tech, experimental braces. While they look normal, Ace’s braces are the ultimate in spy technology and feature gizmos like a laser beam, mega-magnet, super-sticky-slime-blaster, tactical escape smokescreen and a nauseous gas generator. The whole system is controlled by H.U.G.O. (Holographic User Guidance Operative), a fussy computer hologram only Ace can see.

Get Ace

Get Ace