4Kids Ent. Markets Mew Mew, F-Zero Worldwide

4Kids Entertainment Inc. is bringing two new Japanese anime series to the global marketplace. Tokyo Mew Mew, a drama/action series targeted to girls, and F-Zero, a high-velocity boys action/adventure show, are both set to premiere on 4Kids Entertainment’s FOX BOX Saturday morning block in September.

Tokyo Mew Mew (52×30) follows the adventures of five teenage girls who possess the powers of endangered animals and battle aliens bent on destroying mankind. Like many contemporary teen girls, they are multi-taskers who accomplish all of this while juggling homework and boys. The series will join Winx Club, another anime show for girls, which had its FOX BOX debut in mid-June.

Based on the popular video game, Nintendo’s F-Zero (52×30) combines cel animation and CG to take viewers to they year 2201 as rabid fans flock to F-Zero racetracks everywhere. To keep the prize money out of the hands of vicious outlaws and bring peace to the entire galaxy, the Elite Mobile Task Force must race against the menacing Black Shadow. The licensing campaign is expected to launch in 2004/2005.