Question for the Week of December 15 2010


A while back, Disney announced that Tangled may be one of its last animated fairy tales. How do you think the studio will proceed now that the feature has done extremely well at the box office?

  • Tony

    I don’t think they’re giving up fairy tales forever, just giving them a rest for now. I’m sure someone will come up with an interesting take on one in the future, but in the meantime, Disney should try other kinds of stories to keep from looking stale.

  •; Brentoons

    Hopefully, step back and re-think strategy. After all, it HAS been a lucrative market.
    For decades.

  • daffyoo42

    “Disney should try other kinds of stories to keep from looking stale.”

    Sure, so long as the results are more 101 Dalmatians and less Treasure Planet….

  • UncleChuckTH

    I think in the short term Disney is likely to do what makes the most money. They just spent a lot on Tangled, and if it fails to meet their expectations they could give up those kinds of ideas for years. It’s been obvious to me in recent times that making money has been Disney’s goal more so than making good films, so they’ll do whatever’s a success. Their moving away from what they’re good at could either mean some really great, refreshing films, or it could mean several abysmal failures like the ones they met in the early ’00s. Personally, with the movies they have lined up for the next several years I don’t think they can go wrong. Terry Pratchett, Philip Dick, and Winne the Pooh all sound like potential bases for excellent films.

  • drawingfanatic..

    Lol… Disney will do just fine,, were talking about disney here,,whatever disney makes it becomes big money. Disney dosent have a long history of making fairytale stories,theres a lot of non fairytale movies that hit the box office! Its just takes one small idea and a great creative crew to make any future disney movie a hit!!

    • dusk

      I don’t think Disney have made money on there movies since….hm… well way back :) … all the 3D features have not made money, thats why they are switching and letting go of a 20 or so animators. Even Tangled will probably not make money, cause the production of this movie has been a very long one, with many re-do’s… I would probably not be far of when guessing that the total budget for Tangled ends in the 300-400 mil. that would need to be compare to a “normal” budget of 100-180mil

  • MarcusTJL

    “Que Sera, Sera”

    They did release P&Frog and Tangled more or less back to back thus the overload in Princess stories and why they’re backing off a bit on fairy tales.

    But I do hope they do make some fairy tales in the near future, it just wouldn’t be Disney without some form of magic or fantasy elements, but then again a strong story which compels and clicks with audiences would just be as great.