Imaginary Forces, SeePolitical Join Forces to Inform Calif. Voters


In light of two California state ballot measure propositions considered confusing to citizens of the Golden State which face voters today, Imaginary Forces, Guru Media Solutions and long-time political player Nate Kaplan have partnered to launch a new informative website, SeePolitical. Designed to educate, empower and entertain voters through brief, engaging — and mobile-ready — animations, the site presents an introductory video and two additional toons to explain Propositions 41 and 42.

In addition to the SeePolitical site, a free mobile app also allows voters to watch the proposition videos on mobile devices and save their answers so they can use their phones or tablets as a “cheat sheet” in the voting booth. Users can also choose to share their election picks via social media. SeePolitical was formed by Imaginary Forces partners Chip Houghton and Peter Frankfurt in partnership with Kaplan after meeting at an Otis College of Art and Design event. Imaginary Forces creates “design-driven content” for film, television, commercials, games and more.



  • Shogun American

    Why dont you make one in regards to the Democrats trying to amend the freedom of speech laws? Say NO to repealing amendment 1a- look it up if you doubt me.