Disney Fairies Flit to DMA


The plucky fairies of Pixie Hollow will make their big debut on the studio’s digital movie service Disney Movies Anywhere this month with an all-new Pixie Preview Pixie Hollow Bake Off. The latest adventure features celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis as Fairy Gelata, and finds the fairies tasked with using their talents to help Tink in a high-stakes bake-off. Additional Pixie Previews will be available throughout the month on DMA.

Find out more about the Disney Movies Anywhere service and downloadable app at disneymoviesanywhere.com.

Pixie Hollow Bake Off

Pixie Hollow Bake Off

  • C.J. Brown

    Walt Disney Co “Lets just earn more $ and send all further Tinkerbell related animation to Disney Movies Anywhere vs to our Disney Channel! Who cares if only 30% of the world uses Apple’s iPhones / iPads!”

    (and people wonder why content ends up on Torrent later!)