Aardman Bakes a Fresh ‘Regular Show’ Game


Bristol, U.K.’s Aardman studios has produced a delicious new online game for Cartoon Network’s Emmy-winning animated series Regular Show. The Turner-commissioned Cupcakes of Doom is an addictive racing game, initially set in the park where J.G. Quintel’s loveable loafs Mordecai and Rigby work and where they are pitted against the evil Klorgbane, who has corrupted the usually placid Guardians of Eternal Youth by feeding them evil cupcakes. The team must retrieve the cupcake antidote, the Milk of Redemption, before the whole world succumbs.

In the game, Mordecai and Rigby ride on coworker Skips, with the player controlling the trio like a vehicle and using simple controls to drive down the challenging track, avoiding obstacles and fighting enemies racing alongside them. The player’s goal is to collect coins and power-ups, like the Sandwich of Life in order to replenish their health and reach the end of the level. The game features five progressing levels, each one has the player face off with Klorgbane to retrieve enough Milk of Redemption from his cheeks to move to the next level, until the final battle in the Realm of the Guardians.

The game is available now on the Cartoon Network website.

Cupcakes of Doom

Cupcakes of Doom

  • James Stanley

    Holy S- bomb! One of my two favourite things coming together who happen to live on distant sides of the planet! I mean the UK has rarely acknowleged the show up till this point. For example for those of you who live in the UK, head down to your local HMV or Warterstones. You’d find a lot of memorabilia of CN’s other flagship Adventure Time, but no RS.