Vizl3G Delivers Real-Time Vizl3G Delivers Real-Time

Vizrt will unveil its new Viz|3G graphics motor for mobile telephones and other mobile devices at NAB. Viz|3G, based on Vizrt’s Viz|Engine renderer and Adactus’ MPEG-21 standards-based multimedia delivery platform, marks the first integration of a graphics engine for mobile phone video viewing applications.

Using the Viz|3G platform, graphics are sent as meta data (description of data) in a separate stream from the video, producing a much higher quality visual experience than compressing the graphics as part of the video stream. Currently, cell-phone screens are too small and the video is too compressed for the graphics embedded within the video to be legible. With graphics as a separate stream and its enhanced readability, this creates ample opportunity for the customization and localization and personalization of targeted advertising placements.

Viz|3G will be available as part of a package installed on phones, or it may be downloaded and installed. It will be available worldwide, but with a select set of customers initially. You can visit them at Booth #SL1323 at NAB or on the web at’