Digital Video s.r.l.’s Toonz Animation Board 2.0 (The Tab)

This intuitive software for web animation allows you to draw directly into the computer. It also offers a revolutionary approach to handling vectors; instead of grabbing vector points, you can pull or bend a vector by clicking anywhere on an image. The UI comes with four separate rooms (screens) designed for drawing, animating, compositing, and browsing. Features like path, morph, controls, and onionskin go a long way in assisting animators who are willing to take the plunge into the digital world.

The Good News: Moving/copying and manipulating frames have never been easier.

The Wish List: More tutorials are definitely needed.

The Bottom Line: A must have for the animator who wants to take it to the next level.

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Animation Magazine’s Seal of Excellence

Final Score *****

Ease of Use ****

Interface ****

Power of Tools *****

Quality and Depth *****

  • Bob Bello

    I have it and love it. It does a great job!