Avid’s Xpress Pro

Avid Xpress Pro offers the same tools high-end Avid products are famous for, plus DV resolution. You can work on a low-res version of your movie in Xpress and then transfer your final edit into Avid Film Composer or other Avid editing/compositing products.

The Good News: The system works on both PC and Mac, which is a big advantage over all similar products.

The Wish List: We were hoping for a series of interactive tutorials that target the young crowd of video artists. The existing material is good, but it can put you to sleep.

The Bottom Line: When Mojo, the real-time rendering companion of Avid Xpress, becomes available we will conduct an extensive review of this powerful package. But for the time being, you should definitely consider investing in this one.

Web Address: www.avid.com

Final Score *****

Animation Magazine’s Seal of Excellence

Ease of Use *****

Interface ****

Power of Tools *****

Quality and Depth *****