3D Nature’s World Construction Set 6

If you’re in the market for creating brave, new worlds, alien planets, or actual geographical locations rich with streams, lakes and flowers, World Construction Set 6 can be your best little helper. You can import objects and textures from your own programs and add them to this sublimely rich library of models’everything from bridges to roads, rocks, even clouds and skies.

The Good News: WCS 6 comes with complete tutorials. With the DEM Painter tool you can quickly raise and lower or smooth and roughen terrain, select and drag mountains, and dig lakes.

The Wish List: The only problem is that this library is still ahead of its time: A 10Ghz processor would be ideal for this software.

The Bottom Line: For such a low price (under $1000), this software is a must for anybody who needs to create complex environments fast.

Web address: www.3dnature.com

Animation Magazine’s Seal of Excellence

Final Score *****

Ease of Use ****

Interface *****

Power of Tools *****

Quality and Depth *****