Question for the Week of October 10 2011

Now that FOX has settled the dispute with The Simpsons actors and the series is renewed for two more seasons, how do you feel about the long-running show?     Continue Reading →

Question for the Week of September 19 2011

In view of the success of the new 3D version of The Lion King, which other titles would you like to revisit in 3D? The Little Mermaid Pinocchio Bambi Spirited Away Other Continue Reading →

Issue 215 – 737 Shaker

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Question for the Week of September 5 2011

Now that summer is over, which one of the following do you think will be the best movie of the fall/winter? Puss in Boots Arthur Christmas Happy Feet 2 The Adventures of Tintin The ... Continue Reading →

Question for the Week of August 29 2011

Now that we’ve passed the mid-year mark, which one of the following vfx-driven movies do you think will do best during the awards season? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows ... Continue Reading →
Animation Magazine September 2011 # 214

Issue 214 – The Third Floor

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Animation Magazine July/August 2011 # 213

Issue 213 – Moonbot Studios

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Animation Magazine June 2011 # 212

Issue 212 – Tiny Inventions

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Animation Magazine April/May 2011 # 211

Issue 211 – Fuelcell Games

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Animation Magazine March 2011 # 210

Issue 210 – Moritz Mayerhofer & Team

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