Issue #83 October 1999

Issue #83 October 1999

Primetime Products: Promoting Adult-Skewing Animation. Issues Facing MIPCOM Producers. International TV Season Preview. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. John Kricfalusi Blasts Remakes with Ranger Smith: The most creative and outspoken animator of the past 20 years sets out to make cartoon history again with a cartoon remake. SIGGRAPH '99 Top 20 Products. Brand Identification: IDs & Titles to Identify Channels. Beginner's Guide to MIPCOM


Volume 13, Issue 10, #83, October 1999

Story #1:
John Kricfalusi Blasts Remakes With New Ranger Smith
Story #2:
International Production Management Roster
Story #3:
SIGGRAPH ’99 Top 20 Products