Issue #63 January 1998

Issue #63 January 1998

The Power People Issue and the year-end review of 1997. This issue offers a month-by-month journey of animation events and technological advances, top 10 lists of companies and people to watch in 1998 and viewpoints of industry leaders.


Volume 12, Issue 1, #63, January 1998

The most influential in Animation: 10 Companies to Watch in 1998, 10 Hottest Issues in 1997 and the 10 People to Watch in 1998. Leaders from several areas of the industry share their viewpoints of the past year and insight into what 1998 holds for them and their companies (includes: Max Howard, Peter Schneider, Betty Cohen, Albie Hecht, Robby London, Sharon Morrill, David Pritchard, Eric Rollman, Sander Schwartz, Anne Sweeney, Abby Terkuhle, John Hays, Phil Robinson, Dave Marshall, Richard Hollander, Jim Morris and Tom Sito, to name a few).