Issue #36 August 1995

Issue #36 August 1995

Holy Cartoons, Batman: Producers of animation continue to mine the funny pages and comic books to find the next animated series sensation. The 1995 AniComm Awards: From talking cars to driving through the landscape of an oil painting, commercial animators are using clay animation, CGI and, yes, traditional cel animation to bring their messages to America. We pick the best of the last year with some honorable mentions. Rabbits and Rodents and Freaks, Oh My! Warner Bros. Animation continues in its tradition of bringing great characters to animation that began with Brooklyn-brogued bunny named Bugs. A Farewell to Friz: The animitable Friz Freleng dies recently at age 89. Over the years he created Yosemite Sam along with other memorable animated characters.


Animation Magazine Volume 8, Issue #6 – August 1995

Story #1:
Pinky and The Brain break out this fall with other new shows from Warner Bros.
Story #2:
The AniComm Awards Top 10 TV Spots
Story #3:
Comic Books Get Animated