Issue #246 January 2015

Issue #246 January 2015

Where High-Tech Meets High Art
Former Disney mainstay Glen Keane dives fearlessly and successfully into the mobile world with an emotional interactive dance called Duet.

Oscar Watch: Best Visual Effects Contenders
The 2015 race is a hot one that’s looking more even this year without a hugely dominant film like last year’s Gravity.

Digging Into World Building
Naturalistic and convincing environments form the canvas for the subjective storytelling of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1.

The Evolving Role of the CG Director of Photography
The key live-action title is gaining traction in the animation business after years of being seen as a largely live-action only task.

The Anime Income Gap
While American animation heroes appear above money problems, Japan’s struggle to scrape by in the modern economy.


Animation Magazine Volume 29, Issue 1, #246

Where High-Tech Meets High Art, Oscar Watch: Best Visual Effects Contenders,

Digging Into World Building, The Evolving Role of the CG Director of Photography, The Anime Income Gap