Issue #227 February 2013

Issue #227 February 2013


Gollum, You Never Looked Better! - The Hobbit's vfx supervisor Joe Letteri talks about the vfx challenges of returning to J.R.R. Tolkien's world nine years after the last Lord of the Rings movie cast its spell in theaters.

Drawn from Memory - Prolific French comic-book artist and film director Joann Sfar discusses the real-life inspirations behind The Rabbi's Cat and his love for American classics.


Oscar 2013: The Final Shorts Countdown - Our guide to the 10 diverse and divine animated shorts that made the Oscar nominations shortlist.

Oscars 2013: All the Pretty Digital Pictures - A look at this year's visual effects Oscar contenders heading for the Bake Off.


2013 School Guide - Information on schools offering animation, vfx and game programs plus tips on increasing your career potential, our must-read book list and a guide to classes taught by working animators and vfx artists.



Animation Magazine Volume 27, Issue 2, #227

The Hobbit, The Rabbi’s Cat, Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare”, Triggerfish, Oscars 2013, the 2013 School Guide and much more!