Issue #207a November 2010

Issue #207a November 2010

Feature - DreamWorks Animation’s latest 3-D feat, "Megamind", tells a story full of heart and humor from a super-villain’s POV; Prolific artist Bill Plympton takes us behind the scenes of his latest movie, "Idiots and Angels", and discusses the fast-changing world of animation. MIPCOM Special - Based on a popular French book series, Moonscoop’s new animated show "Tara Duncan" is ready to cast its spell on young audiences around the world; Studio100’s new CG-animated version of "Maya the Bee" is poised to win a whole new generation of fans; Aardman’s "Timmy Time" finds the perfect American home on Disney Channel; Our annual Buyers Guide, exec Q & A, show highlights and a look at what’s new from toon studios around the globe. VFX - It took a lot of smooth and well-calibrated vfx work to bring the explosions, stand-offs and flying bullet sequences of "Red" to the screen.


Animation Magazine Volume 24, Issue 8, #207

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